Delinquent accounts hurt your business, affect your ability to grow, and cause delays in your bill payment schedule. Fortunately, our debt collection writing service solves this problem.


AGA’s Early Collect Outsource Program is a fully customizable outsourced collection solution. It includes phone calls, emails and letters to your delinquent customers (typically 30-60+) who are not ready to be placed for full collection. Here’s how it works:

  • Accounts can be placed individually or by bulk through AGA’s single placement or multi-placement forms.
  • For each account placed with AGA that is less than 90 days past due, AGA will begin a series of calls and emails/letters over a specified period of time in order to have the customer pay their outstanding bills.
  • The emails, letters and calls will be on AGA letterhead, delivered from an AGA email address and made by AGA collectors. Our collectors will let your customers know that we represent your company and have been retained to help collect their outstanding receivable. Your company will provide guidance as to the messages they would like AGA to deliver in both the emails and calls.
  • AGA will direct that all payments be made directly to your company.
  • If  your customer does not pay within the specified time, then the customer will roll into immediate collections and AGA will treat them as a debtor and commence full collection activities.
  • AGA will provide reporting on all Early Collection and Immediate Collection activities through the AGA Dashboard, which you will have access to 24/7 via the web.


AGA’s “LetterCollect” Letter Writing Service consists of a series of collection letters or emails worded and timed for optimum results. All data processing, printing, mailing and postage is included in the costs. Here’s how it works:

  • Submit your customers for letter writing placement via Excel spreadsheet. Each customer submitted will receive a predetermined number of LetterCollect notifications. We will schedule your letters at predetermined intervals.
  • Once entered into AGA’s collection system, the letter writing claims are visible via the AGA Dashboard so that you can view them online.
  • Log onto the online AGA dashboard to mark when a payment has been received.
  • Any customer claim that hits 90 days and has not been collected or closed out would automatically enter the AGA in-house collection process.

To learn more about our LetterCollect and Early Collect Outsource services including pricing, please call (631) 425-8800 or email us today.

B2B Collection Request
AGA is a Commercial Debt Collection agency and can only take B2B collection requests. If the debt is owed by a business, please select "business" from the drop down selection above.