AGA & CMA Partnership

BURBANK, CA – Credit Management Association® (CMA), which provides extensive services to companies and corporations that sell goods and services through credit transactions, has formed a strategic alliance with AG Adjustments (AGA), one of the nation’s most trusted and respected business-to-business collection agencies in the U.S. The alliance blends the expertise and reach of two of the nation’s largest credit management entities. The agreement will take effect rapidly, launching on November 1, 2013.

CMA chose AG Adjustments as their strategic partner to support the economic growth CMA’s membership predicts as they see a trade credit increase in the marketplace. “Our membership is at the center of day-to-day commerce and our members, credit professionals in a variety of industries, show renewed optimism,” says Mike Mitchell, CMA CEO.

CMA polls its membership quarterly with a Credit Confidence Survey to assess their businesses’ current status and anticipated growth. “Our Credit Confidence Scores show a slow and steady growth in confidence. Our members are convinced that the economy is ready to grow and they are ready to extend credit and take risk,” says Mr. Mitchell. “They’re on the front lines, so when they tell us things are going to improve, we need to do all we can to support them, including helping them manage risk. Our partnership with AG Adjustments will ensure our members receive excellent service and high rate of return on past due accounts that head to AGA for collection.”

The agreement with AGA will deliver AGA’s commercial collection services to CMA members. CMA will outsource their collection operations to AGA and CMA’s members will benefit from AGA’s decades of expertise in the commercial collection market. AGA clients will also have ready access to CMA services, which range from industry-based credit management working groups to cost effective construction industry services and CMA’s popular credit management data base,

Robert Gerstel CEO of AGA says, “From wholesalers to manufacturers, from distributors to finance companies to service providers – across the spectrum – the businesses which drive the economy are built on credit. Collecting on your accounts receivable is an essential by-product of that system; it assures adequate cash flow. Our services, merged with CMA’s, will help all our customers work at their best. When credit is strong, our economy is strong, but you still need to collect your cash. Our alliance will help the thousands of businesses which make the economy hum.”

Credit Management Association, which serves industries primarily located in the western U.S., is headquartered in Burbank, CA, and operates a second full-service office in Las Vegas. AGA provides collection services across the nation from its New York base.

Credit Management Association® (CMA), is a non-profit association that has served business-to-business companies since 1883. CMA delivers a variety of services to large and small companies across the full spectrum of the business credit economy. In addition, CMA assists insolvent companies with workouts or liquidation through cost-effective alternatives to bankruptcy. It is one of the largest affiliates of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM).

AGA is a commercial debt collection agency based in Melville, New York. AGA is a charter member of the Collection Agency Association of the Commercial Law League of America and a Platinum Partner to the Credit Research Foundation. Thousands of leading manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and finance companies rely on AGA to help sustain a healthy balance sheet while adding profits to the bottom line.