CMA Outsources Commercial Collection Operation To AGA

My name is Bob Gerstel and I am the CEO at A. G. Adjustments (AGA). We have decided to start an AGA “blog” and this is my first post, so thanks for reading. Today I want to talk about something that AGA is extremely proud of: our strategic alliance we recently announced with the Credit Management Association (CMA). CMA was founded in 1883 and is one of the largest affiliates of the National Association of Credit Managers and is based in Burbank, CA and Las Vegas, NV. CMA will outsource its entire collection operation to AGA, we will set up residency in their Las Vegas offices and the CMA collection staff will join the AGA collection team.

For those of you not familiar with the CMA they are a membership association with approximately 2000 member companies representing over 250 different business categories selling regionally, nationally and internationally. CMA provides their membership (primarily made up of credit and collection managers) networking, information, trade data interchange, credit groups, products and services that are focused on effective credit management and the overall promotion of professional education and development for the credit and collection industry.

This alliance makes sense on so many levels. From our side, it is an opportunity to earn the business of CMA’s membership by offering the most effective solutions for corporate collections and 3rd Party A/R outsourcing available in the market. This affords CMA’s membership the opportunity to give its members access to the best debt collection agency in the country. We have the experience, scope and resources to collect receivables all over the world. Our company has been helping businesses manage their cash flow for over 40 years. No account is either too big or too small as the bottom line is; we get results. We at A. G. Adjustments now look forward to the opportunity to service CMA members in the collection of their outstanding receivables.

One of the key factors that led the CMA to choose AGA (which we feel truly differentiates AGA from our competition) is our customer centric focus. We are committed to our clients, deliver to them technologically advanced collection services and they have awarded us in turn with decades of loyalty. We pride ourselves on resolving collection issues in such a way that the creditor may elect to do business again with their customer in whatever fashion they deem appropriate. This is a win-win solution for all. Based upon the time, effort and financial commitment to obtain a customer it just makes sense to do whatever is possible to retain that customer. This is why the professionalism and ethical standards utilized by AGA are second to none. Please do not misunderstand; we will get you paid, just in a fashion that protects your image at all times.

In the coming months, we hope to meet the members of CMA as we get involved in working with the organization. Our goal is to put our experience to work for you. We are excited to have the opportunity to assist the CMA membership and look forward to earning your business.

– Bob Gerstel