AGA To Host Educational Seminar In Eastern Europe

For over four decades AG Adjustments has continually serviced the credit and collection industry in a variety of different capacities. We are quite pleased that we have recently been asked to conduct educational and training seminars for one of our large clients whose collection department is located in Eastern Europe.

Our experience and expertise has afforded us the opportunity for growth throughout the world to help educate as well as provide service to companies both foreign and domestic. As we embark on our 43rd year, we are quite proud that some of the largest companies on the planet seek our humble, but expert advice on setting up real world collection departments to assist in their receivable recovery efforts.

While on the surface this effort appears to reduce the business that would actually be placed with a third party collection agency such as ours, the reality is that in the long run the relationship and trust that it affords us solidifies our connection and bond with our client. We consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ credit and collection departments and welcome opportunities such as this to further align us with corporate leaders here and abroad.